Who is Doundosy?
Salif Yoda known as Doundosy(which means be careful,take care of yourself in bissa) was born on January 25th 1973 in Lengha, a small village in the Boulgou province in Burkina Faso, the fifth of seven children. His father Passourba Yoda was an animist and farmer, although he converted to Christianity in 2007. His mother Dofom Niaone was a housewife, and she passed away in 1986. Doundosy is the father of twin girls, Youmna and Youmnia Yoda.

Doundosy's love of music comes from his childhood. "My uncles were my first inspiration," he says. His Uncle Mama Yoda played the tam-tam, the talking drum, and he was so good at it that he could make the drum say people's names. Another Uncle, Vigo, played the flute. He lived in a different village (Dierma Banoma), but Doundosy always knew when he was coming over to visit as his flute could be heard from miles away.

Doundosy decided to make his own sikassaka , and started to go to music nights to pick up the djecka rhythms. While he was studying in Ouagadougou his cousin Hamadou Zampou took him to gigs, and they thought about trying to modernise the sound of djecka music. An engineer called Sam Etienne Zongo made a demo with Doundosy, and noticed that his voice sounded similar to the most famous musician in Burkina Faso at the time, Black So Man, who had just died. Seydoni Productions, the biggest recording studio in Burkina Faso, heard the demo and took Doundosy on to make an album.

Melodie Djecka was recorded in the first half of 2001 and released in November, after Doundosy had moved to the UK to study. Even though he wasn’t in Burkina Faso any more, people loved it! The song Etrangers was a real hit, as Doundosy explains: "I was inspired to write it by watching lots of news on the television about the abuse by citizens of one country against the foreigners who live there. There was a war in Cote d’Ivoire, and lots of people from Burkina Faso were killed, and thousands sent home. It was the same in France. It was the same everywhere – lots of people were struggling and I wanted to say something about it." The song says, “Since before you were born, foreigners have helped to build your country.”

Since he has been in London, he has performed lots of gigs all over the city, and all over Europe, including shows in Sweden, Italy, Belgium, and at the Royal Festival Hall. "I hope that when people hear my music, they will start to learn about the rhythms and the styles of djecka," says Doundosy. "I want to make djecka international!"

Doundosy is writing a new album at the moment, working with some Congolese musicians in London. He's still making djecka music, but he's taken on many more influences in the last few years.


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