Mélodie Djecka
Release date: 10/11/2007
Record Label: Seydoni Production CDT International

By Artist:
Played on this Compilation:

1. AWA MELONE: Vocal (backing)
2. DOUNDOSY : , Vocal (backing), Vocal (main)
3. HASSAN DEMBELE: Guitar Accoustic, Guitar Electric
4. SAM ETIENNE ZONGO: Drums, ingenier, Piano, Saxophone Alto, Saxophone Tenor, Synth & Keyboard
5. SILVAIN DANDO PARE: Bass Accoustic, Bass Electric
6. TANLY, seydoni: ingenier, Piano, Saxophone Alto, Synth & Keyboard
7. YILI NOMA: Vocal (backing)
8. ZAMPOU HAROUNA: Percussions, sikassaka
GENRE: Djecka Music

Djecka music, as it is played by Doundosy, represents the younger generation of artists in Burkina Faso today.
It is sung in French and Bissa, one of the local minority languages in Burkina Faso. Doundosy wants to keep this traditional music alive for future generations.

This is Doundosy's first album, released in Burkina Faso in November 2001, recorded in the studios of Seydoni Productions. Papus Zongo, a talent-spotter from Seydoni, heard Doundosy's demo and introduced him to the studio. The album was engineered by Doundosy's friend, Sam Etienne Zongo, one of the most famous sound engineers in West Africa.
"Etrangers" was the biggest hit on the album, and became lots of people's favourite song. Doundosy wanted to modernise the sound of Djecka rhythms, but also wanted to help fight the abuses of politicians. Through this track, he wanted to draw attention to the authorities in Côte D'ivoire who, at this time, were turning the hunting of foreigners into a political weapon.


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